In the 1970s, it became apparent that an organization was needed to better the education and skills of the technician, meet the changing needs of the technician as well as employer, and provide a helping hand through encouragement to students in Atlantic Canada’s Planning Technician programs.

In September 1975, the Atlantic Association of Planning Technicians (AAPT) was formed. Its main objective was to promote and advance the interests, education and experience of the planning technician. In 1983, a new approach to skill upgrading was developed in conjunction with the Training Section of the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs. This involved the joint, three day workshops that are today a strong part of the Association.  Originally, the AAPT was affiliated with the Atlantic Planners Institute (API), but today proves its strength by operating independently.

The Association continues to benefit its members by providing up-to-date information through its newsletters, list server and valuable hands-on workshop training.